Hold on tight,

We're about to hit a downhill on our rollercoaster of stability. It's been smooth sailing up until now, but the increased rate and severity of changes, combined with the introduction of new protocol code (Yes, libgaim account preferences will be available in tomorrow's binary) will most likely have a negative impact on our stability and reliability over the upcoming weeks.

We're working hard on some built in crash reporter code, and hopefully it will make an appearance before the end of the week. The crash reporter, combined with your patience and persistance, will get us through this unscathed :-)

To keep things calm, please take extra time searching the forums before starting a new thread, and try your hardest to post replies in any relevant threads that already exist. If there are issues it's very likely that someone else has already experienced them, and finding their posts will be of help to you.

Also keep an eye on this news page. I'll try my hardest to keep up to date info here.