Hey everybody, welcome to the new site :-) A few things I need to talk about.

We didn't feel comfortable calling this Adium 2.0, because to us 2.0 implies that it's finished. It's not finished. There is a whole lot more we have planned for this app, and honestly it's currently about halfway to where we'd like to see it. Changing our "show" name to Adium X allows us to use a version number we're more comfortable with :-). The application is still Adium, just our show name has changed.

Starting today we're moving to a weekly release schedule. Weekly releases will allow us to produce more reliable releases, and give us more time for perfecting and testing our changes. It also means that it will be easier for everyone to keep up to date. Starting with 0.50, we've added built in version checking, so Adium should let you know when a new release is available.

Thanks for the support :-)