Welcome to the dawn of a new age of Adium :) As Adam said, we're about halfway there... so much to do, and lots coming (well, lots coming from Adam and the rest of the team soon and from me after MCATs are over!), so stay tuned.

Safari has weird cache issues sometimes; if the site isn't appearing properly, please clear your cache! Please check out the Team page; Adium credits and thank-you's are there.

Some notes, mostly for newcomers to Adium: Chat support is not finished in 0.50, but will be coming. AIM File Sending is in its first iteration for us, and is somewhat crashy; your mileage may vary. Yahoo File Sending can only send files up to 1 MB in size. Jabber support (with file transfer) is in; support for specifying your Jabber server will be coming soon. Contact List preferences are not done being rewritten, which is why they look so different from the other prefs; there is also a known issue with the size of the Advanced preferences at the moment. Big message view changes are coming in the near future. The status system for protocols besides AIM is incomplete, but we've got big plans in that department, too. Our forums are active and 'staffed' by both developers and a wonderful bunch of dedicated users; please join us there, or in IRC!