Adium 1.2, our next major goal, is going to be a crazy awesome release. In the last two days we've finished the initial merges of our Google Summer of Code 2007 students' efforts; it'll be some time and effort before the development trunk of Adium is stable and close to a release with all these incoming changes, but it'll be well worth it. The Summer of Code was a huge success:
  • Andy Monitzer made many improvements to libpurple's XMPP/Jabber support, benefiting not only Adium, but also Pidgin and Finch.

  • Erich Kreutzer modernized, fixed, and expanded Adium's Bonjour support, implementing file transfer in the process.

  • Erik Beerepoot worked on multi-user conferencing in Adium, making good strides toward a more full-featured, shiny group chat experience.

  • Matt Handley greatly expanded Adium's AppleScript support; it will now be possible to control Adium easily via AppleScript, paving the way to even more great user content and control customizability.

  • Andre Cohen implemented snapping / detachable groups which let you detach groups from the contact list into free-floating windows

In addition, Adium 1.2 will utilize libpurple 2.2.0, which will bring a number of improvements, most notably the results of a Google Summer of Code project for Pidgin by Jeff Connelly which has added MySpaceIM support.

Join us in improving Adium! Read Contributing To Adium to learn how you can help :)

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