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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes :)

It's amazing how I woke up yesterday and suddenly felt responsible enough to consume alcohol, gamble where not prohibited by law, and so on. I demonstrated said responsibility with extreme prejudice last night. Sadly, with such responsibility comes, too, the sudden knowledge that exams and the dreaded MCAT fast approach. I'm taking a break from coding until my scholastic life is a little more sane; see you in a few weeks. =)
Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Thursday, March 25, 2004
I hope you're all willing to agree to the GPL... :P
Sunday, March 21, 2004
That would conveniently eject my mounted CDs, too.
Saturday, March 20, 2004
One thought has been to make the new feature that Adam described, the ability to have accounts not connect at launch, be implemented with a key combination which is harder to hit by accident. So far, I've come up with this combination:

Thanks for the feedback on the auto-connect change :-)

Starting with tomorrow's binary auto-connect will work like it used to (But we'll keep the file menu like it is now). In addition, holding down shift while launching will prevent your accounts from auto-connecting.
Thursday, March 18, 2004
The connect / autoconnect system will work a bit differently tomorrow (3/19):

- The submenus are gone from the accounts in the File menu. Just choose "Connect (your account name)" or "Disconnect(your account name)".
- There's a new checkbox in the Accounts preference pane, "Restore previously connected accounts on launch." This is disabled by default. If you enable it, any accounts which were signed on when you quit Adium will be connected automatically when you next launch Adium.
- If you disable this checkbox, you will have to manually connect accounts when you launch Adium.

Try using the new system and see how you like it. There's a thread in the forums to post opinions and suggestions, but please use this for a day or so before deciding.
Monday, March 15, 2004
If you're confused about a 'lack' of sort options, look in the View menu. :)
Sunday, March 14, 2004
The build script had trouble updating from CVS last night. If you grabbed todays binary before 12:00 EST, download it again. :-)
My ghetto blaster is better than yours.. damn right, it's better than yours. I can teach you, but I have to charge.
Thursday, March 11, 2004
Today must be a college admissions day, because I was just accepted to University of Rochester! Woot! :-)
Tomorrow's binary has a /music script that display artist - title :-)
I just got accepted to the University of Waterloo's graduate program in Combinatorics! (That's basically theoretical computer science, and they're really good at it in Canada :-D)
Friday, March 05, 2004
Note: We've changed how accounts are stored.

With tomorrow's binary, your account settings will be reset (This includes your own alias, profile, custom host/port settings, and a few other things). Your account names and passwords should carry over.

If your profiles or other information are important, please get them out using today's binary and paste them into tomorrow's binary when you get ahold of it.

These changes were necessary to make some improvements in the account preferences, and should solve the remaining issues we were having with them. :-)
Developers Gone Wild!
It's Spring Break time :)
Thursday, March 04, 2004
Just so you don't think Evan is some kind of wacko, check out this link to the Global Consciousness Project. They're doing similar work, but on a much, much larger scale. You also can learn more about Field Consciousness Effect, if you're so inclined. By the way, this was moved from the sidebar. Oops? ;-)
Wednesday, March 03, 2004
So the theory of Field Consciousness states that if enough people concentrate on the same thing at the same time, order may be imposed on an otherwise chaotic system. To test this theory, my roommate will be running an app I wrote this evening at a basketball game, looking for correlation between intense moments of the game and abnormally high or low levels of 1s or 0s in a gaussian-random-number-generator's coin flip. If you'd like to play with correlation on your own, feel free: Field Consciousness [Edit: Application has been updated to also keep track of the longest string of 1s and of 0s in each set of random numbers.] This app uses a nifty open license 2D graphic framework from snowmintcs and an objective c gaussian random number generator I found here.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. :P