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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
A quick note. Creating new groups for a MSN account in the current contact list editor is not working properly, nor moving a MSN contact to a previously created AIM group. Great things are coming that will fix all these issues (they may appear with other protocols as well), just have patience!
Having done MSN, Yahoo, and Jabber, those two (which had already compiled in an UNIX-y way when I was working with gaim previously) were just staring me down, with beautiful green eyes... and I just couldn't say no.

The MSN HTML problem is fixed now - good catch, eevyl. [edit]We're just stripping font information for the present; Colin's going to make it right for real.[/edit] Yahoo display issues are better, too. Jabber doesn't work because it apparently violates as a matter of course something which was indicative of a problem in AIM... probably won't be too hard to fix.

MSN and Yahoo both require confirmation when someone adds you to their contact list... you'll see a "adiumGaimRequestAction" in your console log, but Adium doesn't know how to handle it yet. Sign in with an official client and you can respond to the request.

I'm going to be mostly gone for a couple days... New Year's celebrations, post-New Year's celebrations, and recovery. Watch out for that nasty Y2K4 bug which is going to shake the OS X community...
Monday, December 29, 2003
Gadu-Gadu? Napster? Do we really need, these, Evan?

On a much brighter note, Evan didn't import the IRC plugin from gaim for a reason...

\ \ / /
| (o)(o) |
\ c /
\ -__- /

That's supposed to be an Evil looking ASCII-art. Really. It is. I swear.
If adium crashes and you get the crash reporter, it might be helpful to include a list of what type of accounts you are connecting with. An example:

2 yahoo libgaim
1 msn libgaim
2 aim libgaim
1 icq toc2

This will help in troubleshooting protocol specific problems.
Jabber doesn't work right now. I'd recommend waiting on it. This is all.
Waiting is the greatest virtue! (well, more exactly patience, whatever)

So it's great all those protocols are now working, but we need to have some patience until they are fully implemented.

One note, if you use a MSN account with today's binary, take note that your MSN friends will receive a HTML styled message... they might complain!
Waiting is what?!!!!
Sunday, December 28, 2003
While rocking out and jazzing out for 4 hours in the car, I coded. And in coding, I brought you:

Enjoy. :) Be patient with protocol-specific features... waiting is.
Friday, December 26, 2003
Those crashes were about 90% of the crash logs we've been receiving (thanks for all your detailed how-to-reproduce logs! They help a ton), so I've gone ahead and posted a second binary for today... It's up now, ready and waiting for your Adium enjoyment.
Let me rephrase, crash reporter is awesome! :-D

I believe I've fixed the two most popular crashes I'm seeing. The first involves connecting multiple accounts at once (either by the connect all menu item, or at launch with multiple auto-connecting accounts). The second involves opening and closing the account preferences, and then experiencing a crash on a contact or account status change.

Both of these should be fixed in tomorrow's binary. If not, keep the logs coming.
Crash reporter is great, keep the logs coming :-)

If you're getting crashes, make sure you're in the newest release.
Wednesday, December 24, 2003
After a busy day of coding, the crash reporter should be up and running in the next binary... of course, in a perfect world you'd never see the results of all our hard work, but this world, sadly, is far from perfect... :)

[edit] It's 4:45 local... and libgaim 0.73 is now in Adium (up from 0.71). There don't seem to be any huge changes (except for that minor little thing about now being ready for the msn protocol plugin to be included)... but maybe all the crashes will magically disappear. That'd be neat. [/edit]
Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Thanks to MordEth for pointing out that I had failed to put icq on the protocols pie chart of doom. It is now there. For anyone actually curious, the survey didn't mean too much, I was just getting a feel for what adiums user base uses. Please don't take these too seriously. As an example, Gadu-Gadu could be implemented before MSN ;)
Hold on tight,

We're about to hit a downhill on our rollercoaster of stability. It's been smooth sailing up until now, but the increased rate and severity of changes, combined with the introduction of new protocol code (Yes, libgaim account preferences will be available in tomorrow's binary) will most likely have a negative impact on our stability and reliability over the upcoming weeks.

We're working hard on some built in crash reporter code, and hopefully it will make an appearance before the end of the week. The crash reporter, combined with your patience and persistance, will get us through this unscathed :-)

To keep things calm, please take extra time searching the forums before starting a new thread, and try your hardest to post replies in any relevant threads that already exist. If there are issues it's very likely that someone else has already experienced them, and finding their posts will be of help to you.

Also keep an eye on this news page. I'll try my hardest to keep up to date info here.
Monday, December 22, 2003
Well, the protocols thread survey, along with my constant harrassment of users in #adium on, and also people I know who use macs, and use instant messengers, has paid off. With a total of 121 votes, here is a nice pie chart of the results:

I've changed the way accounts are stored in the upcoming binary.

Your existing accounts should be automatically update. However, once you move to this binary, previous binaries will no longer be able to see your accounts.
The binary is shrinking, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

*runs in horror*

Saturday, December 20, 2003
New Xcode is really there now! :) Yay for it fixing the precompiled headers madness.
Thursday, December 18, 2003
New Xcode is up in Software Update! :-)
[If it's not there yet it should be in the next few days]

If you're getting pre-compiled symbol warnings when trying to debug Adium after updating, you might need to refresh your symfiles by running (in terminal):

sudo /usr/libexec/gdb/cache-symfiles
Thanks everyone for voting on the protocols thread. I should have some results later on this week. Please keep in mind that the poll did not mean much, I just wanted to get a general idea of what everyone uses.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003
10.3.2 is out and updates a number of system frameworks. If you're building Adium from source, it's a good idea to open console and run:

sudo fixprecomps -force -all

This will stop any pre-compiled symbol warnings and should keep your compile times fast.
We had a bad binary go up this morning.

Anyone who downloaded before 9:00 AM EST (And is not seeing aliases on their contact list) should download again.

A new binary is up now and should be all good :-)
Tuesday, December 16, 2003
I've revamped the object specific preference system. This means that plugins can now easily add preferences specific to an individual contact (or all the contacts within a specific group). The contact alerts already had a system for this, but the support is now in Adium's core and easier to access :-)

I've added some temporary code to upgrade your preferences to the new system as they're read. Don't be alarmed if some contact-specific preferences are lost, however (aka. Aliases, Contact alerts, and custom voice settings). Sorry for the inconvenience.
There are three types of bugs a user can run up against in Adium:
- Logic flaws (Mistakes in our logic, where we've told Adium to behave incorrectly)
- Exceptions (Small mistakes that Adium catches while running)
- Unexpected quits (Mistakes or errors that Adium is unable to recover from)

Currently, when the user encounters an exception, Adium aborts the particular task it was on and attempts to keep going. While this may sound like a good thing, skipping code that was intended to run can cause some very strange behavior later. What's worse is that the user often doesn't realize they've encountered an error. (This is what we're looking for when we tell you to 'check').

Unexpected quits let the user know something went wrong, and even generate a log to let us know more information about the crash. Unfortunately, fetching these logs and emailing them to us is a pain. Making things more complicated is Apple's 'crash submit' dialog which prompts the user to send Apple a crash report. We don't get reports sent to Apple, and this may trick users into thinking they've reported a crash to us.

We are working on code to simplify the process of sending us Adium's crash logs. We are also working on code to generate and send helpful logs when there is an exception.

This is really exciting for us, because it will result in much more crash/exception reports and ultimately lead to a much stabler Adium. More details will emerge as we have them. :-)
Monday, December 15, 2003
I've removed the avatars from the binary - We weren't using them and they're kinda big :-)

Tomorrow's binary should be a smaller download.
AdamIser:"This change touches a lot of files."

Hm. ~Well they say the sky's the limit, and to me that's really true, but my friend you have seen nothing, just wait 'til I get through, because I'm bad, I'm bad, come on...~
Everybody, keep an eye out for new crashes and bugs in today's binary. I touched a lot of files yesterday, and odds are that I made a mistake or two somewhere :-)

[Known Bug(s) : Already fixed]
- Issues with contact alerts (Empty action menus, assertions)
Sunday, December 14, 2003
The LaTeX plugin is working again, thanks to max_cohen (Stephen Poprocki). To use it, you need a working pdflatex binary and Equation Service. You can get both from

If you don't know what it does, it typesets mathematics beautifully, creating integral signs and such.

Friday, December 12, 2003
Adium is aqua again.

Give it a week or so and then let us know what you think :-)
Thursday, December 11, 2003
I'll be adding up the results of the protocols thread sometime this weekend. After that I won't be adding anymore to the stats, so vote while you can.

Oh, and watch out for the throbbing EvilMenuBarDuck. This is all.
Monday, December 08, 2003
I just committed a tutorial file on how to make Adium's plugins localizable-friendly, so we developers should begin following it . The file is named "Tutorial for devs", and it is located in the "localizing" folder inside "Documentation" folder of the source code main folder.

Have fun!
Oh ya, thanks to Laura for making TickDuck (tm), and all the other ducks. You can check out the other ducks at her site
I am re-evaluating Adium 2.0's brushed metal interface. Everyone's feedback and votes are much appreciated. (Bring your friends!!) :-)
Sunday, December 07, 2003
I'm taking a sort of informal poll of what instant messenger protocols people use on the forums. Here is the list of protocols in the poll:

  • AIM
  • IRC
  • MSN
  • ICQ
  • Jabber

Just reply to the thread with what you use.

Today was ESPN gaim day.
Wednesday, December 03, 2003
I can't wait to see phill's mockup in action...
Well said, great wizard.
Tuesday, December 02, 2003