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Friday, April 30, 2004
Speaking of an all new, customizable message display, here's the low-down. The new message view is powered by WebCore, the same framework which drives Safari. Six completely distinct styles are included with Adium, and adding more is as easy as double-clicking a bundle created by a style author (several authors are already actively working on styles - check out the Adium Forums for more information).

Almost all styles support putting any image Safari can view behind your messages... play with the possibilities and, like a certain drink which I maintain is really just carbonated water and therefore a complete mystery, Make Adium Yours. The new view offers so much more customizability both for you and for us that there's basically no comparison to the old message view... but if you really like the old one, included styles let you get that "Retro" or "Simple" feeling.

A few things are still to come for the new message view - in particular, control over the way sender's names are presented (the alias versus the screenname or some combination thereof) and control over text colors. We gotta keep you excited for Adium 0.54 next week, eh? :)
Adium X 0.53 is now available! :-)

It features an all new, customizable message display, custom link titles, two new protocols (Yahoo! Japan and Novell GroupWise) and a ridiculously long list of improvements and fixes. If you have a day or three to spare, read the monstrosity that is the new change log.

If you are having difficulty downloading, please try another mirror as some Sourceforge mirrors take longer to update than others. The release is definitely available for immediate download on Sourceforge's servers in Dublin, Prague, Phoenix, Zurich, Minneapolis, and Chapel Hill.
Monday, April 26, 2004
The world is conspiring against Adium 0.53 at the moment. Developer CVS was down last week causing all sorts of confusion. Now, CVS is doing fine, but we've discovered a big ol' crash in MSN which snuck into libgaim (and therefore into Adium) since Adium 0.52... message windows left open for 5 minutes without activity cause Adium to crash. Fun, eh? Anyway, that's a pretty Big Deal, so we're going to keep working on fixing it and delay release until that is done. We'll release this week sometime, but we may end up waiting until Friday to get back on our weekly schedule. It's finals time for almost everyone on the team, so time has been a bit tight lately. Sorry - we'll get you your Adium fix ASAP! :)
Friday, April 23, 2004
Developer CVS is working great again :-)
A week my foot! That was three days! Great job on the repair, Apple! I sure am glad I got Applecare. Anyway, I'm back in action. This weekend should be fruitful... I hope. :-)
Thursday, April 22, 2004
We're experiencing some issues with developer CVS; we've decided to delay the 0.53 release until early next week. Hopefully things will be cleared up by the weekend.

Thanks for your understanding :-)
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
For anyone interested in creating webkit message views (message window views created with css and html) check out this thread on the forums. Do a search on the forums if you need more information.
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
There's bad news folks. The screen on my Powerbook decided it didn't like being attached, and jumped off. So it's being shipped off to Apple HQ to be repaired. I won't be able to come online much, and definitely no Adium work.
Saturday, April 17, 2004
*collapses into his chair* After nine hours at the testing center (plus an hour for lunch), the MCATs are over. I either did well or really well... I'll find out in a month or so. Thank you so much to everyone who offered their support and encouragement!
WebKit Theme Creators! With the addition of message history in .52, you can make the history messages appear differently from other messages. Please check out the copy of Smooth Operator which came with .52 for technical details, and update your themes accordingly. If a theme doesn't explicitly support message history, the history messages will appear just like any other messages.
Friday, April 16, 2004
Adium 0.52 is now available! :-)

0.52 greatly improves jabber support, adds recent history to the message windows, and fixes a handful of crashes and bugs. See the change log for a complete list of what's new.

Note: We've changed how passwords are stored. You will need to re-enter your passwords after upgrading.
Thursday, April 15, 2004
Well, after many, many emails from complete strangers, I've made my decision. Next fall I will be attending the University of Maryland. It just seemed like a better fit for me. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in! I think I replied to everyone, and I know I at least read everything sent to me. Your advice was invaluable. It's great when you can abuse your status as an extremely minor celebrity :-P

Thanks to everyone! By the way, 0.52 is lookin' sharp :-) Some great new features headed your way!
Friday, April 09, 2004
Hello there!

I hope you are all enjoying the new site as much as I enjoyed coding it (a pleasure to work with such a beautiful design by Benjamin).

I finally coded some quick'n dirty code for the user action shots all of you are submitting to the forum thread. I fetched the pictures from the first five pages. Head to the about tab to see a sample of them (they are loaded randomly in packs of four).

I also did some cleaning work on the code overall, and now it is valid XHTML 1.0 transitional.

[OT] If you don't wet your pants after watching the new Spider-Man 2 trailer ... then you are not as Spidey-freak as I am :-) [/OT]
Thursday, April 08, 2004
If you are having problems downloading 0.51, please see this forum post:
Adium 0.51 is now available :-)

v0.51 adds support for 10.2 and fixes several crashes.
Wednesday, April 07, 2004
If you happen to have adium crash on you, and the crash reporter comes up, please be as verbose as possible as to what was happening at the time of the crash. This can help us out a ton.

Welcome to the dawn of a new age of Adium :) As Adam said, we're about halfway there... so much to do, and lots coming (well, lots coming from Adam and the rest of the team soon and from me after MCATs are over!), so stay tuned.

Safari has weird cache issues sometimes; if the site isn't appearing properly, please clear your cache! Please check out the Team page; Adium credits and thank-you's are there.

Some notes, mostly for newcomers to Adium: Chat support is not finished in 0.50, but will be coming. AIM File Sending is in its first iteration for us, and is somewhat crashy; your mileage may vary. Yahoo File Sending can only send files up to 1 MB in size. Jabber support (with file transfer) is in; support for specifying your Jabber server will be coming soon. Contact List preferences are not done being rewritten, which is why they look so different from the other prefs; there is also a known issue with the size of the Advanced preferences at the moment. Big message view changes are coming in the near future. The status system for protocols besides AIM is incomplete, but we've got big plans in that department, too. Our forums are active and 'staffed' by both developers and a wonderful bunch of dedicated users; please join us there, or in IRC!
Hey everybody, welcome to the new site :-) A few things I need to talk about.

We didn't feel comfortable calling this Adium 2.0, because to us 2.0 implies that it's finished. It's not finished. There is a whole lot more we have planned for this app, and honestly it's currently about halfway to where we'd like to see it. Changing our "show" name to Adium X allows us to use a version number we're more comfortable with :-). The application is still Adium, just our show name has changed.

Starting today we're moving to a weekly release schedule. Weekly releases will allow us to produce more reliable releases, and give us more time for perfecting and testing our changes. It also means that it will be easier for everyone to keep up to date. Starting with 0.50, we've added built in version checking, so Adium should let you know when a new release is available.

Thanks for the support :-)
Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Currently there are a few bugs in the current source:

  • If you use any jabber host other than, Adium may possibly crash, but should.

  • While hidden, we currently spawn new windows. This causes adium to become unhidden (is that a word?! :D ). We are currently unsure of what we should do with new content at the moment. We could either throw it in the trash, or feed it to Laura's gecko.

  • File sending may crash you. It may not. You decide!

  • Adium currently does not run on Microsoft Windows. Sorry. :D

I think this is it for now. I'll run through the forums later today and make sure that I didn't miss any major ones.

Sunday, April 04, 2004
I'm still not sure what University I'm going to be attending next year. I was accepted to University of Maryland and University of Rochester. Send me some mail, I'd love to hear from students, teachers, alumni. :-)
We're currently transitioning to libgaim 0.76. Thanks for your patience while we work out a few minor issues that have cropped up :)

We hope to have a binary up by the end of the week.